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About Gladstone

The Gladstone Region is about 500 km north of Brisbane and offers visitors close access to The Great Barrier Reef.

The region surrounding Gladstone is a diverse and fascinating one with an adventurous outdoor flavour complementing the busy, urban environment.  The region includes beachside towns, secluded beaches, scenic National Parks as well as Gladstone being the major port city exporting minerals from Central Queensland.

The booklet Be Surprised: the Gladstone region (updated regularly and available from the Gladstone Information Centre, Marina Ferry Terminal, Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone : telephone 07 49729000 or PO Box 5186, Gladstone Qld. 4680)  unlocks the region’s many beautiful areas that can be visited.  An example is:- Heron Island.  However even within Gladstone  the visitor can explore exciting places such as Tondoon Botanic Gardens, Gladstone Marina and Spinnaker Park.  Furthermore there are the interesting Free Industry tours. 

Gladstone Coffee cruises, presented by the Curtis Ferry Services during April to October at a small cost,  also provide a great experience to see the beautiful natural Harbour at first hand. 

Gladstone caters well for the visitor with good accommodation at different levels and prices.

Yes indeed  BE SURPRISED by what the Gladstone Region has to offer. 


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