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In addition to the regular training programme Gladstone Groper Members can improve their swimming strokes and build up stamina by participating in the National Endurance 1000 program.   

Endurance swimming is distance swimming.  The main aims are:

  • to improve fitness and endurance
  •  to provide an incentive for swimmers to earn points for the Club and possibly win a National Trophy for the Club
The total number of swims (gaining points) that can be completed is 62 - broken down into:-
25 individual 400m swims - 25 individual 800m swims in all strokes
and real long swims
3 by 1500m swims - 3 by 30 minute swims - 3 by 45 minute swims - 3 by 60 minute swims

All real long swims are part of the program and are done in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

All Members are challenged to participate and have a lot of fun and fellowship recording each other’s times.

Participating in this programme also increases skills and allows the opportunity to gauge one’s own Personal bests, etc.

Please see your Club's Endurance Officer for more information

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