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An initiative of  Masters Swimming Queensland  - introduced in 2011

This is how it works and how it is unlike the Million Metres Awards and Aerobic swimming

The Million Metres

Only count actual distances swum without pool aids. 
E.G. you swam 1500m on a particular day, but only 1000m was a straight swim i.e. without a kickboard, pool buoy or flippers, then that would count towards your MM results.
The 1000 would also count towards your Lane Warriors’ distance, but included in the latter is the 500m you used a kickboard, flippers and a pool buoy.

In summary: 

1000 counts towards your Million Metre swim (straight swim without swimming aids)
1500 counts towards your Lane Warrior swim – (straight swim plus the distance swum using aids).

Aerobic Swims

 Aerobic swims  are only counted without pool aids and is structured to swim all strokes for particular distances and times.
Warm-ups and Cool downs can not be counted but they can in The Lane Warrior Program.

The programs complement each other up to a point.
You therefore continue to keep records for all programs but separate them according to the specific program
The reason for this award is a recognition of all the swimming you do every week.
The fact that you’re using a kickboard or flippers, doesn’t mean that you’re not still working hard at your training.
If you jumped into the pool and only swam 10 laps and  then decide to get out for whatever reason, those laps still count towards your Lane Warrior program.
Spreadsheet to record  Members’ swims for the Lane Warrior Program is available please Email the secretary for a copy to record your swims on.

The record of swims needs to be verified by your club president or secretary or coach and the person who verifies can send all the spreadsheets for that club by the end of January 2012.

Adopted from instructions given by Helga Ward – MSQ Administrator

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